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Bringing a substantial number of Jews to live in Israel and ensuring their successful integration.

Jewish-Zionist Education

Connecting the next generation with Israel and Jewish peoplehood as a core part of Jewish identity.

Partnerships with Israel

Involving world Jewry with Israelis in shaping the future character of Israeli society.


Foundations for Securing the Jewish Future

As the authentic global Jewish partnership, the Jewish Agency has brought the Jewish world together since 1929 to do the impossible. Building the State of Israel; bringing 3 million Jews home. Sure, we’ve made history together, but does anyone think the issues we face today are any less monumental? Think again. The issues we face today are complex and the solutions certainly not easy. Of course, neither were those that faced generations before us. The good news is one more thing we’ve learned along the way: when we partner with purpose, anything is possible.

Securing the success of new immigrants

The core belief of the Jewish Agency is a strong Jewish future requires a strong Israel at its heart. Yet Israel in the 21st century continues to be embattled on all fronts—both external and internal. It is clear that the existential challenges to the modern Jewish homeland are far from over. Israel’s very future and its character will be shaped by the actions we take today. Our unparalleled experience has shown us how vital aliyah was in building a strong Jewish state. That task is not over. At this next critical stage of building a modern, Western-style democracy based on Jewish values aliyah will continue to be the source of Israel’s strength.


Equal opportunity for Israel’s high-risk populations

It will take that same global force of commitment to finally confront the challenge of transforming Israel’s social and geographic periphery. The gross disparity of social, economic and educational advantage today threatens to cripple Israeli society. These gaps which have been pervasive for decades are growing. This is an issue that can no longer languish in the wings. When every third child in Israelis living in disadvantage we’ve hit the wall. That’s not the Israel that its founders envisioned. That’s not the Israel that we have all worked so hard to build.Israel in the 21st century will in every way reflect our collective best efforts to create truly transformative impact for at-risk youth and communities. The Jewish Agency for Israelis leading that change.

Equal opportunity for Israel’s at-risk youth

Transforming Israel’s social and geographic periphery

Women’s health and equal opportunity initiatives

Equal opportunity for minority populations

Advancing support for elderly and needy immigrants

Securing the future of our people

But the issues challenging the Jewish future lie not only within Israel. What will a Jewish future look like that is comprised of isolated individuals who acknowledge their Jewish cultural identity but have no connection and engagement on any level with Jewish community? That in no way feels part of a global Jewish family? How sustainable is the transcendent power of the Jewish people to move forward into the future without a belief in the value of peoplehood? And in the 21st century, what would Jewish peoplehood look like without a thriving Israel at its heart? Using the power of Israelitself to connect and engage, the Jewish Agency is leading to way to connect the Jewish world’s next generation through powerful, transformative experiences.

Connecting the Jewish world’s next generation
Strengthening worldwide Jewish communities
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