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Tel Aviv Guide- Theatres

Clipa Theatre

The Clipa Theatre was established in 1995 in Tel Aviv by Israeli dancer and director Idit Herman and Russian actor/creator/musician Dmitry Tyulpanov. Their encounter and partnership led to the emergence of a unique theatrical language, interweaving the arts of theatre, dance, design and music. The theatrical style synonymous with Clipa is characterized by totally encompassing each and every element of the performance. It entails absolute knowledge and command of all the elements of creation: movement, space, costume, set, sound, lighting and direction. In the group’s work, these components are fundamental tools of expression, alongside the performer’s action on stage.

Location: 38 Harakevet Street, Tel Aviv
Telephone: +972 3 687 9219
Website: Clipa Theatre
Bus: 11, 23, 31, 39, 43, 54, 63.

Tmuna Theatre

Nava Zukerman founded the Tmuna Theatre in 1981. The theatre relies on the ability of personal expression and the creativity of the artists in using only one language, body language. The company created a show that was shown in the Acco Festival of 1982, since then they have created about 30 different shows, all of them with a unique theatrical language and execution.

Most of the shows have had their premieres held in festivals across Israel: The Israel Festival Theatronetto, Alternative Theatre Festival and some international festivals in the US, the UK and Columbia, with many performances of the ensemble received citations by famous critics. The Theatre received a Fringe First prize, the most prestigious award that a show can receive at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The theatre has four theatres, for performances in dance, music, poetry, literature and visual arts. All the rooms are intimate and unique, providing a platform for thousands of different cultural events.

Location: 8 Shonizo St, Tel Aviv
Telephone: 03 561121
Website: Tmuna Theatre
Bus: 9, 39, 50, 239

24-TLVG- Cameri TheatreCameri Theatre

Founded in 1944, the Cameri Theatre is Israel’s biggest theatre. Each year the theatre produces up to 10 new productions, in total it has created about 500 productions. The productions are performed for an audience totaling 900,000 people in Israel and throughout the world. The theatre has 80 famous Israeli actors and works together with international artists too. "See it in Hebrew, Read it in English." Three times a week The Cameri Theatre presents its most popular productions with simultaneous translation into English on its screens.

Location: 19 Shaul Hamelech Blvd.
Telephone: +972 3 6060960
Website: Cameri Theatre
Bus: 9, 18, 28, 79, 90, 111.

Opera House

The Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center (TAPAC) is exploding with the beats of jazz, dance, opera, theatre and many other types of performances. General Director Hanna Munitz leads the Israeli Opera in the 8 productions produced each season. The Israeli Opera’s creations feature artists from Israel and around the world through its collaborations with international opera houses.

Location: 19 Shaul Hamelech
Telephone: 03 6927777
Website: Opera House
Bus: 9, 18, 28, 79, 90, 111.

Habima National Theatre

The Habima theatre is a theatre that aims to reflect the Israeli cultural atmosphere. Since its foundation, it has committed itself to spreading the endurance of Israeli culture and the Hebrew language through artistic performance. The plays, theatre seminars and special events held here are dedicated to the identity of Israel. Over the past few years many famous directors have been brought up to the stage of The Habima Theatre. The Theatre has been chosen year after year as a leading theatre in Israel and its productions are acknowledged globally. The directors, actors, composers and set designers have been awarded with numerous awards including “ The Israel Prize” which is known to be the highest honor in Israeli Theatre.

Location: Habima Square
Telephone: 03 5266666
Website: Habima National Theatre
Bus : 5, 39, 63 ,70, 142, 239