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Tel Aviv Guide- Parking and Transport

Parking Lots

If you have a car and are attempting the hard task of finding a spot to park in Tel Aviv, there are a lot of parking lots located around the city that you can use, but at a cost. The cost of parking in a parking lot depends on the ownership of the lot, if it’s privately owned or owned by the municipal. Look out for signs on the side of the road pointing you in the direction of the closest parking lot.

15-TLVG-Tel o FUnBike Rental: Tel-O-Fun

The Tel Aviv bike rental system is called Tel-O-Fun. You can find many green bike stations located around the city in which you can rent a bike for an hour or a day and ride around Tel Aviv at your own pace and pleasure. Renting a bike is the way to travel the busy Tel Aviv roads with ease and a way to get a scenic view of Tel Aviv. It’s dangerous to drive in the road, so many people prefer to strap on a helmet and drive along the sidewalks, just make sure to watch out for pedestrians and use your bell. You can rent a bike for a day, a week or get a subscription that allows you to rent a bike any time you want and drive for 30mins free and pay a fee after that. It’s a great way to bypass traffic and heavy parking fees, all while getting from place to place. A daily subscription can cost you 14 NIS,* a weekly 60 NIS* and a yearly subscription can cost you up to 280 NIS*.

Location: There are many bike stations located around the city of Tel Aviv- Yafo, to find a rental station near you or near where you want to go,  click here.

For prices click here


If you don’t want to travel the busy roads of Tel Aviv on a bike or in a car, there is the option of taking a bus. The bus system around Tel Aviv is very good and you can easily get from point A to point B by taking a variety of routes. A bus ride will cost you 6.80 NIS*, but if you travel a lot you can get a prepaid Rav-Kav card that gives you discounts of 20% on the normal bus fare and makes it much easier to get around instead of having to find small coins floating around. You can charge your cards on the bus or at the designated stations. It is also possible to purchase monthly fares and then you have unlimited rides in a certain area of Tel Aviv or more areas if you choose. Don’t forget that busses stop running on Shabbat and on religious holidays.

To look for a bus schedule or timetable click here.
* All prices are as at 1 May 2012 and may have changed recently.

Sherut Taxi

If you’re in a hurry there are Sherut Taxis that you can catch to take you around the city or interstate. They take you along the same route as the bus lines- making it easy for you to hop on and off. A Sherut is basically a larger taxi that can take up to 10 people at once and drops people at different stations along its way. The Sheruts run on Shabbat but are more expensive.