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Tel-Aviv Guide- Shopping Centers/ Areas

Azrieli Towers and Shopping Center

Seen from all over the city, The Azrieli Towers are distinctive by their circle, square and triangular design. At the base of the towers you can find the largest shopping mall in Tel Aviv. With lots of new stores opening up all the time, the latest fashion, American and European stores, the Azrieli Center is really a great place for your shopping needs. If you want to take a break from a long day of shopping, go up to the top of the Azrieli towers and see a scenic view of Tel Aviv, or you can stop and have a snack at one of the many great restaurants and cafes in the center. The Azrieli center is easily accessible from the train station, just get off at Tel Aviv Hashalom station and enter straight into the mall.

Location: Intersection of the Ayalon Highway and Manachim Begin Rd.
Bus: 23, 40, 42, 50, 51, 60, 63, 127, 141, 160, 240, 250, 251, 350.

Dizengoff Center

Dizengoff Center can be found at the intersection of Dizengoff Rd and King George St. With two buildings to this center and an interesting design to the mall it can make it hard to navigate your way around the trendy shops and restaurants. A bustling shopping center, there is plenty to find here. With the latest in fashion from Israel and around the world and the food market that pop up every week, Dizengoff center is a great place to go on a rainy day or when you’re in need of some retail therapy.

Location: At the intersection of Dizengoff and King George St.
Bus: 5, 61, 72, 172.


On Sheinkin St you can find some really great boutique stores. With high-end fashion and vintage stores, there is always something to find at a great price on this beautiful road. Stemming off the busy intersection of King George and Allenby St, Sheinkin is a more quite and peaceful street where you can find great clothes, shoes, bags and some delicious restaurants. The shops of Sheinkin St are unique and you wont find many chain stores here. If you want a nice walk while you are shopping take Sheinkin for a change of scenery and a great shopping experience.

Location: Sheinken St
Bus: 4, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 38, 63, 125, 129, 405 will stop at either the intersection of Sheinken and Rothschild St or intersection of Sheinken and King George St.

Ramat Aviv

Found in one of the outer Tel Aviv suburbs, the Ramat Aviv shopping center is located at 40 Einstein St. The Ramat Aviv shopping mall differs to Tel Aviv’s other centers in that it is a more up market mall, where you can find brand name stores amongst the traditional Israeli stores. If you feel like a change of shopping scenery and some high end fashion head to Ramat Aviv for some luxury shopping where you can treat yourself.

Location: 40 Einstein Rd, Ramat Aviv
Bus: 6, 7, 24, 25, 26, 33, 45, 49, 71, 90, 600, 605.

Ayalon Mall- Ramat Gan

The Ayalon Mall in Ramat Gan is located outside of the central Tel Aviv are and is one of Israel’s first shopping malls to be opened. This mall is located next to the Ramat Gan soccer stadium and has a large variety of shops. If you’re heading there from Tel Aviv take bus 33 or 104. The shopping mall also has a large movie theatre that is open on Saturdays, for some extra enjoyment.

Location: Aba Hilel, Ramat Gan
Bus: 7, 22, 33, 40, 42, 58, 142.

Givatayim Canyon

With a lot of international shops in a large space, the Givatayim Canyon is a great place to go shopping if you feel like a change of scenery from the usual Tel Aviv malls. With many shops in its complex you can always find something at Givatayim.

Location: 71 Weizman Rd, Givatayim
Bus: 7, 10, 14, 61.