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Tel-Aviv Guide- Attractions

11-TLVG-JaffaThe Old City of Jaffa

In the past the Old City of Jaffa was the first entry point for many new Olim into Israel. Now a series of secret pathways, trendy restaurants and art galleries, the city of Jaffa is a magical place to go, to take a step back into Tel Aviv’s history. Many Arab-Israelis inhabit Jaffa and there are many delicious local Arab restaurants to eat at. With famous hummus and shakshuka places, Jaffa is a city of excitement and discovery. From the old city walls you can look out onto the entire city of Tel Aviv and out to the Mediterranean Sea. The original Jaffa Port that so many Olhim stepped foot onto is still in tact and you can go and rent a canoe or sail from this spot. Another must see sight in Jaffa is the clock tower that lies at the entrance to Jaffa city. With a small park on top of the hill, Jaffa is a lovely place to sit and have a picnic at or rest while enjoying the magical views of Tel Aviv.

Location: At the southern end of the Tel Aviv Beach strip


The Tel Aviv promenade also knows as the ‘Tayelet” or Haas Promenade stretches from the Tel Aviv marina to the Old City of Jaffa. Follow the promenade for a scenic view of the many enchanting Tel Aviv beaches and their seaside views with many exciting things to see along the way. With many hotels on the shoreline and beach side restaurants, there are many things to see as you walk along the Tayelet. Many people use the Tayelet for exercise or just to take a walk down, but in summer there are many street performers, runners, bicycle riders and roller bladders using the Tayelet.

Location: Runs parallel to the beach from the Tel Aviv Port to the Old City of Jaffa.
Bus: Any bus that goes to the beach will bring you to the Tayelet. No’s 3, 10, 16, 17, 19, 31, 63, 66, 119,166.

12-TLVG- tachanaTachana- Tel Aviv-Yafo old train station

In 1892, the old Jaffa train station used to be a bustling center where the train would shuffle people between Jerusalem and Jaffa. Until recently this train station has lain dormant and become an eyesore on the Tel Aviv coastline. But now this old train station has been transformed into a trendy and cultural area with some of Tel Aviv’s most luxurious and trendy shops and art galleries. The Tachana is a lovely place to go for a cup of coffee, international and local brand shopping, or just to view the latest art exhibits. If you have nothing to do on a sunny afternoon the Tachana is an excellent place to go for an afternoon adventure. Take a step back in time by just walking through the Tachana streets and experiencing the Tel-Aviv Yafo of the 1890’s.

Location: 1 Koifmann St, bordering Neve Tzedek and the beach.


Tel Aviv’s oldest area and the first Jewish neighborhood, Neve Tzedek is now a series of small streets where you can find boutique shops, cafes and jewelry stores. Take a nice walk down the main street Shabazi and its neighboring streets to find some unique little restaurants and art galleries. With many small bars, eateries and galleries Neve Tzedek is a trendy place that takes you out of the busy Tel Aviv streets and into a place of peace and serenity. There are a lot of historical sights to see and visit in Neve Tzedek, as it dates back to the beginning of Tel Aviv.

Location: Between the end of Sderot Rothschild and the beach

13-TLVG-tel aviv portTel-Aviv Port/ Namal

The new Tel Aviv Port also known as the Namal is located on the north end of the Tayelet. The port has many unique restaurants that have a sea view, a promenade to walk down on and some wonderful shops. This trendy port has many events and shows that it puts on throughout the year; performances put on at the port are for people of all ages. At night the port transforms into a vibrant club and bar scene, with numerous bars extending onto the boardwalk, overlooking the sea. Take a walk alongside the Mediterranean Sea and enjoy the beautiful sunsets that you can see whilst having a delicious meal at one of the many port restaurants. Every Friday morning the Tel Aviv port hosts a Farmers market where you can find a variety of organic produce. The Port is also open on Saturdays for your enjoyment.

Location: At the northern end of the Tel Aviv Beaches
Bus: 4, 9, 70, 104, 139, 172, 204, 239, or any bus that goes to Reading.