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Tel Aviv Guide- Markets

Bezalel Market

The Bezalel market is an ideal place to find a good bargain on clothing, bags and home wares. Originally the place where sellers would come and sell excess stock, this market has now become an ideal place to purchase funky clothes, bags and swimwear. If you’re looking for a bargain this is the place to go.

Location: Intersection of Allenby St. and King George St.
Bus: 4, 18, 25 104, 125, 161, 166, 172, 204. 

6-TLVG- carmel marketCarmel Market

While being Tel Aviv’s famous fruit and vegetable market, the Carmel Market is also a great place to purchase clothes and kitchenware at affordable prices. Head down to the Carmel Markets to see how the locals purchase their fruit and veggies while experiencing an authentic ‘shook’ atmosphere. If you work up an appetite walking through the market, there are many small food stands with traditional Israeli food that you can try. However, remember to be careful of pickpocketing, so watch your bags closely as you shop.

Location: Intersection Allenby St. and King George St.
Bus: 4, 18, 25 104, 125, 161, 166, 172, 204. 

Nachlat Binyamin

This bubbling street can be found next to the Carmel Markets as it is transformed into an incredible art and crafts market every Tuesday and Friday. A variety of original and creative pieces can be found here such as unique lampshades, handmade toys, painted ceramics, paintings, Judaica and many other amazing and of a kind pieces. Walk the streets at your own pace and embrace the artistic atmosphere while you’re admiring the art pieces on show. If you’re looking for fabrics, the permanent shops that are on this street have a very large range of fabrics to choose from. This market is a great place to spend the afternoon, as there is always some hidden treasure to be found, or a gift for a friend.

Location: Intersection of Allenby St. and King George St.
Bus: 4, 18, 25 104, 125, 161, 166, 172, 204.

Levinsky Spice Market

Walk through the charming spice market and submerge yourself in the magical scent of the spices sold there. Whether you’re looking for good quality saffron or some Asian spice, you can find it at this market. Delicatessen products are also sold at this market, you can find herring, pickles and regional delights from the Mediterranean area.

Location: Levinsky St (Florentine area)
Bus: 3, 19, 72, 119, 129, 172.

Jaffa Flea Market (Shuk Ha Pishpishim)

It is a well-known fact that you can get the best bargains here if you come early on a Sunday morning. If you’re the first customer on the first day of the week, the seller hopes a quick sale will bring him luck throughout the week, so you can bargain for a good price. While strolling around this market you can be sure to find a variety of products. The merchandise varies from old Persian tiles to jewelry, vintage family albums and a mixed exhibition of treasures and junk. Haggling is accepted, so feel free to bargain for what you think the items worth. If you’re not into shopping, it’s also a nice to walk around and a great place to experience Jaffa’s culture. The flea market is open Sunday to Thursday from 10am to 6pm and on Friday from 10am to 2pm.

Location: Old City of Jaffa.
Bus: No 10. From Ben Yehuda Rd, or no 4, 104, 204.

22-TLVG-dizengoff marketAntique Markets

Every Tuesday and Thursday the area around Dizengoff Square turns into a vibrant and bustling hub of people selling and buying second hand items. With plenty on show, the second hand markets are an amazing sight to see and a place to find many hidden treasures.

Location: Dizengoff Square
Bus: 5, 18, 24, 25, 39, 61, 63, 72, 172, 166, 239, 405.