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Tel Aviv Guide- Synagogues

4-TLVG- North central SynagogueNorth Central Synagogue: The Jewish Community Center of Tel Aviv

NCS is a place for English and Hebrew speakers from all around the world to come and celebrate Shabbat and other religious festivals together. With a diverse community of people and a range of activities including Shabbat services, lunches and holiday services, NCS is a warm and welcoming place for people of different religious levels to enjoy themselves and make new friends. NCS opens its doors on a regular basis to young professionals from around the world, who are living in Tel Aviv for a memorable Shabbat dinner. NCS is also a Jewish Community Center that brings together both international and Israeli people living in Tel Aviv.

Location: 126 Ben Yehuda St. (On the corner of Ben-Gurion Boulevard)
Bus: 4, 104, 204, 161.

Beit El

The Beit El synagogue has joined up with the Tel Aviv International Synagogue and is now a congregation for younger members of the Tel Aviv community. Jewish singles, couples and families are welcomed at both synagogues, but the Beit El congregation is made up of mostly the younger demographic.

Location: 23 Frishman St. (just off Ben Yehuda St.)
Telephone: 03-523-6629
Bus: 5, 11.

5-TLVG- INternational synogogueTel Aviv International Synagogues

The Tel Aviv International Synagogue is a Modern Orthodox synagogue located in central Tel Aviv. This synagogue hosts a wide range of people from all over the world under the guidance of Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn. The Tel Aviv International Synagogue has many exciting programs and services for its community, catering its programs to members of all ages. The Tel Aviv International synagogue provides its members with an environment filled with cultural, social, spiritual and educational acceptance. The Tel Aviv International Synagogue has joined with the Beit El Synagogue, creating a new vibrant community.

Location: 23 Frishman St. (just off Ben Yehuda St.)
Telephone: 052-283-8599
Bus: 4, 10, 104, 204.

Minyan Ichud Olam

Ichud Olam is a Modern Orthodox community, a place for professionals and students to go for a spiritual and cultural experience. Ichud Olam caters to people on all levels of the religious scale and has created a range of activities that appeal to their diverse membership group. Ichud Olam aims to create a place where its members can reconnect with their Judaism on a spiritual level in Tel Aviv.

Location: 86 Ben Yehuda St
Bus: 4, 10, 104, 161, 204.

The Beit Daniel: Center for Progressive Judaism in Tel Aviv

The Beit Daniel Center is a place for reform Jews to practice their Judaism and receive an education that is reflective of their values and beliefs. Attracting many people from the secular demographic of Tel Aviv, Beit Daniel has many community events throughout the year. With two locations; one in north Tel Aviv and another in Jaffa, Beit Daniel is a great place to meet new people and practice your Judaism. With a female rabbi and a sound system, this place is really a vibrant and energetic place to have Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday nights.

Location: 62 Bnei Dan St
Telephone: 03 544 2740
Bus: 5, 7, 24, 25, 90, 100, 125.