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ConnecTLV Lounge

connecTLV lounge

From now on, olim have a home in Tel Aviv.

We invite you to visit the ConnecTLV Lounge, the center for young olim located on the first floor of 99 Ha-Hashmona’im Street.  The lounge serves as a community center, library, and information center for new olim.

During the evening hours, the center becomes a lounge for social events, film nights, dinners for olim, etc. The center is open 24/7 and offers Internet service, television, and refreshments – all free of charge.
Come to chat, network, surf online and have a cup of coffee at our TLVConnect lounge.
Good times await.


99 Hachashmonaaim St. 03-7628405


ConnecTLV Lounge Gallery