ConnecTLV For Israelis

Want to meet a new oleh?

Interested in helping to encourage aliyah and improving the absorption process for new olim?

At ConnecTLV, we believe that by joining the social network that offers events and parties for new immigrants, you can find your place and meet new olim, tourists and Jews from all over the world.

As Israelis, you also will be given the opportunity to encourage aliyah and improve the absorption process in Israel in general and specifically in Tel Aviv.

Those of you who are interested in becoming more active and in contributing more to this cause than just signing up to the website are invited to come take an active part in the project's activities and to contact us about becoming volunteers.

ConnecTLV – the new Tel Aviv young adults project invites you to be part of the new absorption process for Olim in Tel Aviv.
As young people, we understand that successful absorption in Israel does not only mean knowing your rights as an Oleh or studying at an ulpan.
Successful absorption in Tel Aviv means forming the right connections with the right people, and giving each person the most suitable tools to fulfill his personal dream.
The ConnecTLV project offers you a one-stop site where you can find all of the information you need about life in Tel Aviv, the Aliyah and absorption process, your rights as an oleh, life in Israel, career, studies and any other topic that is relevant to your life.

Join Us As A Volunteer!


Join the ConnecTLV team and be part of the new absorption process for Olim in Tel Aviv.

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Social Events & Networking


Social network for Jewish young adults from around the world.

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