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Looking for an apartment in Tel Aviv?

As the second most populated city is Israel, Tel Aviv is a big city and it is important to find the right place for you.  For the sake of navigating the housing market, you can consider Tel Aviv as divided into three sections: North Tel Aviv (everything north of Arzolorov St.), the City Center (the area between Arzolorov and Borgorashov), and South Tel Aviv (Borgoroshov and south to Jaffa).   These districts look and feel very different and prices vary accordingly. When deciding in which area you want to live, check out the neighborhood, see if you like  your neighbors and the entertainment venues nearby, and check out the place in person to assess the facilities and maintenance and to meet the landlords before signing a contract.

You are not alone in your search.  Whether looking for a single bedroom studio apartment or a place to share with your friends, ConnecTLV and the Young Adults’ Project in Tel Aviv, sponsored by the Jewish Agency, offers a team of trained volunteers to help you find the right apartment.  Local volunteers offer an introduction to the Tel Aviv hosing market, explaining renting rights and responsibilities, listing available apartments and offering legal advice on housing contracts.  All housing contracts in Israel are written and signed in Hebrew, without clauses other languages.  So, be sure to look at an example contract, understand what is commonly found on contracts and, take your contract to a professional who can translate the fine print for you. 

ConnecTLV offers subsidized legal assistance on housing contracts to new migrants as local lawyers from the Israeli Bar Association and real estate specialists assist in reviewing leases and apartment agreements and ensure you don’t sign a contract that you do not understand, or fall victim to fraud. Additionally, the services don’t stop once your lease is signed.  If you have a problem with your apartment of find that your lease is in some way violated, ConnecTLV and the lawyers from the Bar Association offer subsidized legal advice and services to resolve the issue. 

Get started now!  Access ConnecTLV's housing information services or book an appointment with a housing lawyer today - Just contact us here

For an example contract in Hebrew, click here.