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Social Absorption

ConnecTLV – the new Tel Aviv Young Adults’ Project – invites you to discover the city and connect with local Israelis and other new and recent migrants through joining our social network, a group of young people interested in social acclimation.

As young people ourselves, we understand that successful integration in Israel does not only mean knowing your rights as an oleh or studying Hebrew through Ulpan.  A successful transition to life in Israel depends on making friends, building connections, and finding the tools to help you fulfil your dreams.  We understand that the process of transition begins even before you leave home and continues long after you settle in Israel.  Thus, ConnecTLV strives to connect newcomers to local people who share a deep desire to help olim build their lives in the big city.  All local participants and ConnecTLV hosts are volunteers who take joy in sharing the secrets of their city and making it accessible to new arrivals. 

ConnecTLV divides Tel Aviv into five zones.  Olim are automatically be connected to the young people's community of that zone.  Each community is headed by a “host” – the leader of the young community in that area, who will meet with the oleh on his or her very first day in Tel Aviv and connect guide the oleh though the neighborhood and municipal resources.  With the help of your host, you will meet new friends, be invited to social events, and receive assistance in the entire acclimation process.

Within a short time, you will be part of a vibrant, young community made up of olim, such as yourself, and sabras living with you in the same neighborhood.

For a list community zones and “hosts,” click here