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Creating a community of young Olim and Israelis in Tel Aviv - Evening news broadcast – National TV 18.12.2012

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Absorbing Aliya in the 21 Century
Evening news broadcast – National TV 18.12.2012

Ronit Raymond, new Olah from Australia, and Shay Shenkman, ConnecTLV director, were invited to an evening news broadcast to present ConnecTLV, and its unique activity model of connecting Jewish young adults from all over the world to Israel.

Shay explained that ConnecTLV provides a unique model for integrating olim in Tel Aviv ("integrative absorption") and their incorporation into the city’s landscape, while also serving as a bridge between world Jewry's next generation and Israeli young adults. "ConnecTLV understands the young adults unique needs and characteristics, and provides simultaneously a platform for interaction and socialization which will encourage young people to stay in the city\ country".

Shay also noted that via combining both physical and virtual platforms, ConnecTLV provides a first of its kind online social network, aside with suggesting a central accessible place where olim and Israelis peers create a vibrant community of Tel Avivian young adults.

Ronit, a professional Flamenco dancer, said she left a promising career abroad to realize her dream of dancing and teaching Flamenco in Israel. "in Israel, there is a very special feeling, and a sense of belonging that you can not feel anywhere else".

In addition, Ronit noted that ConnecTLV helped her to adjust to her new beginning through various services and events, such as: Employment workshops, Language exchange meet ups, Mix & Math events and parties. "It's a place you get to know diverse population- Israelis and olim from all over the word, and in fact we are creating here a close and warm community."

Ronit finished by saying she will continue to dance and teach Flamenco, And Abraham finished with "Bruchim Habaim" blessing ("Welcome") to the new Olim intending to make Aliya to Israel and Tel Aviv.

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