Want guidance from a personal field specialist?

Our professional mentors can help you connect and expand in your field of work.  For more information link into our Employment Section!

 Professional Mentoring- connecting you to success in Israel

Looking to network in your professional field?

The ConnecTLV project gives you an exclusive opportunity to expand your professional network through dozens of experts in various fields of work. These professionals and experts have worked in their field for many years and have thus volunteered themselves to help ConnecTLV participants! This is a great way of improving your chances of getting a job and getting to know the ins and outs of any field!

Professions offered in this service include:

Law, Architecture, High-Tech, Real Estate, Telecommunications, Media, Press Release, Hotel and Tourism, Environment, Marketing and Sales, Finance and Accounting, Non-profit, Graphic Design, Engineering, English Teaching, Social Work, Psychology, Psychiatry, Cellular etc…..

To use this service you are required to have attended the ConnecTLV Employment Workshop- a basic training on how to search for a job in Israel.

The workshop is free for new olim and MASA participants in Tel Aviv.

For employment information and ConnecTLV servicesclick here.
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