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Employment Services & Information

Finding a job that suits your qualifications is a difficult task for most people, and especially for new olim, who wish to find a job in their field in Israel. Frequently, a job search is a long process, which is a ‘job’ in and of itself. Many people find it difficult to execute this task, which requires initiative, decision-making skills, a large investment, patience and an ability to market oneself.

In order to help you find your place in the Israeli workforce, we have gathered a wide selection of information and tools that will help you understand the job market in Israel and successfully find your place.

In addition, we believe that employment is the basis for quality absorption in Israel and have therefore created an assistance program for Olim and Aliyah eligibles in Tel Aviv. ConnecTLV can assist you in all stages of your job search in Israel. Through a combination of: a specialized Israeli employment workshop, career consulting, employment mentoring, legal services, resume editing and translation services, ConnecTLV can guide your process of obtaining your desired job and expanding your professional network. 

Attending the Employment Workshop is required in order to receive any of our additional employment services. Most services are free of charge to eligible candidates, while all services are free of charge for Olim. For employment information and ConnecTLV services, click here.

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