ConnecTLV - The new program for young adults in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv – The Potential

Tel Aviv is the business, economic, cultural, artistic and recreational capital of Israel.  If something is happening, it happens in Tel Aviv. The energy, crowds, culture, art, cafes, pubs, galleries and entertainment centers make Tel Aviv an international brand name of a successful and modern Western city whose residents live the good life and enjoy endless recreational options in their spare time.
Tel Aviv is a multicultural city and offers something for everyone.  This diversity of cultures, languages and customs, allows each person to develop in his or her own way while fully engaging with others.  Every year, the city absorbs thousands of young people from Israel and abroad who choose to live their dreams in Tel Aviv.



Young people in Tel Aviv

Due to Tel Aviv’s unique diversity and complexity, it is only natural to create a platform to introduce young people from around the globe to the broad, multifaceted world of Tel Aviv life with all its components. Today’s young people live the world of the Internet. Life has become faster, the ability to communicate and access information has become speedier, more readily available, and less dependent on one’s geographical location. Yet, it is easy to get lost online and fail to find your grounding in a new place. Thus ConnecTLV creates a bridge between virtual and lived experiences, using the internet a forum to develop in-person interactions.

Thinking differently for young olim

The Jewish Agency understands that the integration of young people in Tel Aviv is different than in other places. We realize that successful transition to life in Israel depends on the connections that each oleh builds while here. We believe that young olim come to Tel Aviv with a dream. It is not our role to tell the oleh what they need, but rather to offer assistance and provide connections so that every newcomer will be able to quickly find their way and fulfill their dreams.

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