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7/11 - Employment Workshop for olim chadashim
Join our 4-step process and jump-start your career: 2 workshop sessions 1:1 consultation with an employment counselor Translation of your CV into Hebrew Connections to pot...
Learning Hebrew with people like you!
Language Exchange is a unique opportunity to practice Hebrew with Israelis while teaching them your native language. This is a great chance for you to mingle with other Olim Had...
Want to improve your Hebrew reading skills?
Dedicated to new Olim and tourists who are intermediate Hebrew speakers (ulpan bet / gimel level). This activity will expose you to a collage of Israeli publications (daily news...
ConnecTLV Events are the place to be!
Whether your looking for a Shabbat dinner or a Mingling night, ConnecTLV has you got you covered! Through our series of events you can join a community of young Jewish youth in ...

ConnecTLV, a project sponsored by the Jewish Agency, aims to connect young Jewish adults, ages 18 to 35, from around the world to Tel Aviv, Israel’s “city that never sleeps.”  Through social networking and integrative programming, ConnecTLV builds active and vibrant community of diverse individuals interested in all the city has to offer. 


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